Energy and Building Standards Compliance

All new-build and replacement GRP roofs from Flat Roofs Manchester fully comply with Part L Building Regulations. New build flat roofs can be constructed with a heat loss of only 0.20W/m2 and refurbished roofs with a heat loss of 0.20 W/m2.

What is GRP?

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is often better known as the trade name "Fibreglass". Since its discovery at the end of the second world war it GRP has been used in many application which need a lightweight material which is very strong, waterproof and highly resistant to corrosion and sun and rain. GRP is made from a polyester resin which is reinforced by short glass fibres in the form of a mat. The Polyester Resin together with the Chopped Strand Mat form a laminate. GRP also has the advantage of a beautiful finished appearance.

GRP / Fibreglass Products.

Boats, Storage tanks, fishing rods, car and truck bodies are just a few of the products made from GRP fibreglass. Before the introduction of carbon fibre technology Matt Watson of Flat Roofs Manchester build the bodywork of the Footprints Formula 1 racing car and many other sports and racing car parts.

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